Smithy Bridge Primary School

Smithy Bridge Primary School

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 We encourage all children to wear a school uniform; this helps us all to feel part of the school community. 

Our School Uniform:

School clothing

Children should wear a style of clothes, which they can take off and put on without help for their PE lessons and for little children this means no awkward straps or lots of stiff buttons. Shoes should be chosen for safety at school, and, therefore, high or platform heels are forbidden.

Children with pierced ears may wear small, plain stud type earrings which must be removed for P.E. or games lessons. No other type of jewellery may be worn from a wristwatch may be worn.  Wristwatches are worn at your risk but smart watches are not permitted.

PE and Games

Children will need to change into appropriate clothes for such activities, so that their movement is not restricted by ordinary clothing. All children will, therefore, require pumps or other suitable footwear for outdoor PE activity. Children in KS2 need to bring their own black outdoor tracksuit bottoms and jacket and white T-shirt. 

Please note that these activities are an integral part of the curriculum of the school, and, therefore, are compulsory unless there is a valid medical reason for a child not to take part. Children should, therefore, have correct kit at school on PE or Games days. 

Uniform can be purchased directly from Moses Schoolwear, based in Rochdale.

The school holds a wide range of second hand uniform available at no charge. We aim to hold a uniform stall in school at least once a term where uniform, PE Kits items and accessories are available to all parents. If you require free uniform at short notice, please do not hesitate to call into the office and one of our office staff members will be happy to help.

Water bottles and school ties can be bought from the school office.

Items available include:

  • Grey skirt/culottes or tunic
  • Tights (grey or black)
  • Summer dress (blue and white gingham)
  • Grey trousers or shorts (that finish above the knee)
  • Royal blue joggers (nursery only)
  • White shirt  (compulsory from year one up)
  • Children in Nursery and Reception can wear polo shirts
  • School tie (compulsory from year one up) 
  • Badged (with school logo) V-neck jumper or cardigan in royal blue compulsory
  • Fleeces (optional - for outdoor wear only)

and for P.E.

  • White T-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Pumps (for indoor activities)
  • Joggers/sweatshirt (Black/Navy blue)
  • Trainers (for outdoor games)

Please note children in Nursery & Reception Classes do not need an outdoor PE kit.

Years 1 and 2 come to school, on their allocated PE days, dressed in their outdoor PE kit.  Year 3 - 6 children will continue to get changed at school.

Hair styles and Hair Accessories

Hairstyles should be reasonable and appropriate for being in a learning environment at school. Hair should be tied back if long, especially for PE and DT lessons. We do not allow statement hair styles in school, neither do we permit the wearing of hair accessories which are large, which hang around the face or which are particularly noticeable. 


Shoes should be black and not trainers, boots may be worn when the weather turns colder, but we do ask that the children change when inside as it gets very warm in school.


Please ensure ALL items of clothing are labelled as we only keep lost property for a limited time, including packed lunch boxes.




The school offers good quality pre-loved uniform, PE kit items and a small number of coats on a regular basis. throughout the school year. This offer is open to all parents and carers to take with no charge.  The dates of when the rail can be accessed in the Key Stage 1 yard is communicated to parents and carers through School Jotter and the newsletter. 

Should you be in need of free uniform items at other times, please contact the school office.