Our School Uniform:


School clothing

The school expects all its pupils to wear uniform, details of which are given below. All children should wear a style of clothes, which they can take off and put on without help for their PE lessons. (and for little children this means no awkward straps or lots of stiff buttons). Shoes should be chosen for safety at school, and, therefore, high or platform heels are forbidden.

We do not expect children to wear either watches or jewellery to school as both are very easily damaged or lost. The school, therefore, can accept no responsibility for such items if this advice is ignored. Neck chains in particular are dangerous in school as they can so easily be pulled tight round a child’s neck during a playground game or PE, and so are not allowed. Loop ear-rings and finger rings are also hazardous and must not be worn, as they can catch on clothing or tools, etc., during play or classwork and cause very nasty injuries.

PE and Games

Children are expected to change into appropriate clothes for such activities, so that their movement is not restricted by ordinary clothing. All children will, therefore, require pumps or other suitable footwear for outdoor PE activity. Children need to bring their own black shorts and white T-shirt. If and when the children require expensive items like football boots, we will let you know.

For safety reasons (see above) children with ear-rings are expected to take these out during PE and Games lessons – preferably not wearing them to school on PE days if they are hard to put back in. After ears are newly pierced, for the first six weeks the child may leave the ring or stud in place but it must be covered by a plaster or tape during PE or Games lessons

Please note that these activities are an integral part of the curriculum of the school, and, therefore, are compulsory unless there is a valid medical reason for a child not to take part. Children should, therefore, have correct kit at school on PE or Games days. We expect parents to support the policy of school uniform, as part of the ethos of the school, if only to avoid the inevitable arguments about what to wear at school, and what friends are wearing! We believe it not only looks smart and helps staff to identify our pupils in a crowd or on a school visit, but may well work out cheaper and more convenient for parents.

Our scheme is basically the colours of royal blue for the top half and mid-grey for the lower half. However, one child’s school uniform is very much like any other, so please PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON SCHOOL CLOTHES!!

Please note only the school logo is permitted on sweatshirts or T-shirts – no other designs, badges or sports brand names, please.

Uniform can be purchased directly from Moses Schoolwear, Based in Rochdale.

Items available include:

  • Grey skirt or tunic
  • Tights (should be black, mid grey, navy or royal blue)
  • Summer dress (mainly blue)
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Royal blue joggers (nursery only)
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • School tie (optional)
  • V-neck or crew neck royal blue sweat shirt
  • Fleeces (optional)
  • Waterproof Coats (optional)

and for P.E.

  • White T-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Pumps (for indoor activities)
  • Joggers/sweatshirt
  • Trainers (for outdoor games)

*Please note children in Nursery & Reception Classes only require – T-shirt(white), Shorts(black), Pumps(for indoor activities). No outdoor kit is required.

Hair styles and Hair Accessories

Hair should be tied back if long or clipped back if shorter. We do not allow statement hair styles in school, neither do we permit the wearing of hair accessories which are large, which hang around the face or which are particularly noticeable. The latter includes the wearing of large hair bows. The reason for this is to prevent children becoming competitive about these items and being distracted by them, which has been happening recently.


Shoes should be black and not trainers, boots may be worn when the weather turns colder, but we do ask that the children change when inside as it gets very warm in school.


Children with pierced ears may wear small stud type earrings which must be removed for P.E. or games lessons. No other type of jewellery may be worn.


Please ensure ALL items of clothing are labelled as we only keep lost property for a limited time.

Most children find it extremely difficult to identify their own clothing when it is along-side that of the rest of their class. For your own sake PLEASE put labels on any clothing your child may take off at school, i.e. coats, jumpers, dresses, vests, shirts, trousers, socks, hats, scarves, shoes, wellington boots, gloves, PE shorts and tops. If lost clothing turns up at school, it is extremely difficult to find the owner unless the item is labelled. If your child loses items, please enquire at the school office.