School Rules

…….to be observed by every child
with the ultimate aim of consideration for others……


We aim to help the children sort out their differences and disputes without resorting to fighting or frightening other children. Bullying is not expected to be part of school life at Smithy Bridge, and parents should notify school of any problems in this respect. We will listen sympathetically to such worries, and do all we can to stop the problem.

Walking is the way to move round the school buildings, and this is to be done quietly so as not to disturb others.

Permission is always to be obtained from the Head or Deputy Head before any child goes off the school premises during the school day, unless a parent calls to collect a child. Any child taken out of school by parent/guardian should be “signed-out” at the school office, so there is a record of where the child is, in case of emergency.

For reasons of personal safety, pupils are to leave at home any items of jewellery, loop ear-rings, finger rings, neck-chains, etc.

For the same reason, all who use the school are expected to be aware of the health and safety of both themselves and others, and not to take any risks.

Care for the school environment, both inside and outside, is expected of every child.

Toys and watches are only brought to school on the understanding that they are the sole responsibility of the child, and although staff do try to prevent difficulties, that they may get lost or broken, or very occasionally even stolen, whilst in school. Expensive valuable items should only be brought into school when special arrangements have been made with the class teacher first, Any such item should be insured under the parents’ own household contents insurance.

Instead of sweets, children are encouraged, in the interests of a healthy diet, to bring fruits or vegetables to eat at playtimes and to take advantage of the school water bottle scheme so that plenty of tap water is drunk each day.

Every child should be aware of the rights of his/her fellow pupils, and respect their privacy and personal property. This will mean that each child’s desk drawer, pockets and personal property remain private. Other children will have to ask for permission if they want to borrow an item.

Bringing a bicycle to school involves the child concerned in proving to both his/her parents’ and the head teacher’s satisfaction that this is necessary and can be done safely. The school does not have a cycle storage area so this privilege is rarely granted.