Year 5 Mayan Day

As part of our Year 5 history topic, we held a Mayan Day to explore aspects of the Mayan culture. The whole year group participated in a production of the creation story with many children shining through with their acting skills!

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning a Mayan ritual dance and showcased their amazing moves!

The children also had a go at the ancient game of Pok-a-Tok and were surprised to learn that they weren’t able to use their heads or feet. The captain of the losing team took part in a ‘sacrificial ritual’.

To finish of our day, the children learnt about the tribal diets and got to taste a traditional hot chocolate drink!

Welcome to Class 5B’s page.

Year 5 is an exciting time as it marks the beginning of the final phase of primary school and prepares the children for the demands of Year 6. Greater responsibility and expectations come with this, including increasing independence, resilience and initiative.

Over the year there are a range of exciting, engaging and fun curriculum topics such as: The Mayans in History; The Rainforest as part of a biomes Geography study; Earth in Space in Science. Every half term we have a WOW day to enrich learning in a new area of study (for example, Mayan Day).

On Wednesday and Thursday, the children will need their outdoor kit (please make sure children are able to remove their earrings independently for lessons).
The children have a reading record which they will need to bring to and from school every day. In this they record daily reading and accelerated reader quiz scores. It is recommended that children in Year 5 should read approximately 30 mins a day (this includes 15 mins in school) and benefit from reading aloud and discussing the book with parent at least once a week.
Each child has a green spelling book where the weekly spellings are added and can be practised each week. It is important for the children to also know the meanings of the spelling words so they can use them in their writing. Spellings are tested every Friday and the new set given out on the same day.
Maths homework will be set via Seesaw (all the children have Seesaw password). This can be completed on a PC, tablet or phone and is also set every Friday to be completed by the following Friday.



we took a trip to Eden Camp as part of our topic. We all enjoyed it very much and learnt lots of new things about the World War.