Remembrance Day

On Friday 9th November at Smithy Bridge school we concluded our five year project about ww1. We held a remembrance service including a silence and a last post (performed by 3 talented cornet players) as well as WW1 songs. This was attended by a record number of parents and grandparents who could see the lovely display created for the service including the willow woven horse, soldier and poppies.

The day was a special one because we held an end of WW1 party. All the children dressed in clothing in the style of children in 1918 and looked amazing! During the day children looked at historical artefacts toys from the era and learned about the historical background of the day. They had a party lunch and three ceilidhs were held with the children doing the country dances they had learned leading up to the event.

We have travelled a long way since 2014 when we had a real trench dug on the school field to understand the reality of trench warfare. The children made ceramic poppies that year in the style of the display at the Tower Of London and visited the Ealees ww1 camp.

We have been keen throughout this project not to celebrate war fare but to understand it and remember.